Privacy Policy

Last Updated on Saturday, 30 April 2022


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What data do we collect?

We store no personal Data like passwords, pins or real life credentials. Mainly all your guild specific settings sorted by guild id and we also collect Invite Link,User ID,Messages for the reasons given below.The Bot does not request any personal data and discourages any act which breaks TOS of Discord.

Why do we need this data?

The only purpose of this Data is to be used in command system, We do NOT collect any personal info about the user. We dont have any other use for this Data except for as a medium to provide better UI and experience


Invite Link: When the bot joins a server,it has invite perms unless you unselected it so if anyone reports bugs using report command it will be able to send us a temporary invite and help the devs to investigate the error.However,you can unselect the Create Invite button while inviting which is not recommended!
Guild ID: Without the guild id the bot won't be able to remember the prefix you saved!
User ID: We collect this to ban the users who abuse our bot!
Message ID: For deleting bot assciated messages attached with the trash button!
Messages: We only collect this when globalchat command is enabled in the server to maintain safety of our users and developers can see their usertag, userid and messages,because if we found harmful behaviour like advertising,threats etc.. we can ban the user from using the bot!.If you disagree with the message collection system then please refrain from using #mitsuha-network channel if enabled!

For how much time the data is stored?

Your guild ID is stored for as long as the bot is a part of your guild.The database is secured to prevent external access, however no guarantee is provided and the Bot owners assume no liability for the unintentional or malicious breach of Data. In the event of an unauthorized Data access, users will be notified through the Discord client application.

How do we use this data?

We use this Data in our Commands which are User Accessible. We dont use this Data for any other purpose(s).

Who do we share the data with?

We don't share this Data with any Individual or un-registered Organisation. We only store/share our Data in bot's database file.This Data is accessible by us only.

How can users contact us regarding their concerns?

In Case of any concerns/questions the Users can contact Support by Contacting NeeL_Official#8818 or in-bot command >m report [message]

How can users have their data removed?

In Case of any User want their Data removed, He/She can contact Support by Contacting NeeL_Official#8818.The data will be removed under 30 days!